Are there limits to the number of emails I can send?

Due to increased SPAM and the amount of load large email lists can put on a server we have imposed limitations to ALL email accounts, mailing lists and anything else that you use to send email on your Glyph account.

If you are unable to follow these limits we recommend opening a dedicated server with us so you put the load on your own server and not harm other customer websites.

The following limits apply to the combined total of all email sent via your hosting account and/or mail lists.

A Maximum of 20 pieces of email per minute is allowed.

A Maximum of 1000 pieces of email per 24 hour period, per hosting account is permitted.

If your mailings exceed these limits, you are likely to receive the emails back into your inbox as undeliverable.

If your mailing list Does exceed these limits, then you would need to outsource the list to a 3rd party provider.

We no longer hosts sites that deal with mass email type services. Failing to observe the above limits will result in the mail list software being disabled or having your account suspended.

We understand this may be seen as a harsh stance, however, it is our business to make sure other client accounts and the servers are not harmed. Sites that deal in mass email, need to be placed on dedicated servers and have no place in our shared server platform.

Mailing List programs:

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